Solar Street Lights:

Attributing  to  the  team  of  highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers, we  are  capable  of  making  a  high-quality range of Pole lights and allied products.

Solar/Dairy/Industrial Sheds

Adding solar panels to your roof has a similar weight addition to installing another layer of shingles on a standard asphalt roof. With traditional rooftop systems, installers will typically conduct an engineering review to ensure that your roof is structurally sound enough to withstand the additional weight of solar equipment. Depending on how your shed was built, and what it was built with, its roof may not be strong enough to hold up solar panels

Solar Parking:

Our Solar Carport Structures Parking Shades can be fabricated in singly cantilever or on both sides. The most common applications of these parking shades are Rooftop Car Parking Shades, walkways, and garden canopy, and pool shades. We are providing solar car parking canopy for use solar energy most efficiently. The electricity produced by the solar panels can be supplied to other buildings and the excess electric power can be sold to the state grid to gain economic benefits.

Solar Trackers:

As the pricing, reliability and performance of single-axis trackers have  improved,  the systems have been installed in an increasing  percentage of utility-scale projects. For flat-panel photovoltaic systems, trackers are used to minimize the angle of incidence between the incoming sunlight and a photovoltaic panel. This increases the amount of energy produced from a fixed amount of installed power generating capacity. In standard photovoltaic applications.

Advertising Boards:

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, we are providing the optimum quality Advertisement Boards Fabrication. Before providing this service, our dexterous professionals meet the clients in order to know their requirements. We always keep in mind the clients’ demands while providing this service. Apart from this, our offered service is extensively acclaimed in the market due to its promptness and affordable price structure.

Customized solution:

We provide customized solutions to our clients so as to meet their specific needs and demands. Our metal fabrication is a value added based process that involves the application of various operations such as material identification, testing, rolling, punching, cutting, bending, welding etc.